Van Tassel Law Firm successfully defended an employer against claims of workplace retaliation, according to a judgment recently entered in Hennepin County District Court.  The ruling comes after a nearly four-day trial of the employee’s grievances.

“We are so pleased for our client that the Court approved the legitimate reasons the business had for firing the employee in question,” said Firm founder, Dawn Van Tassel, who tried the case in August.  “Employment issues – especially firings – are fraught with emotion, and sometimes that emotion extends to filing a lawsuit out of anger.”

The plaintiff in the case had alleged that her employer retaliated against her in terminating her employment because she had brought a workers’ compensation claim.  The employee’s assertion that she was also unlawfully denied overtime pay had already been dismissed as lacking merit before trial.

“Although going to trial is always risky, and it is not the best course for every client, we excel at and enjoy advocating for our clients in the courtroom,” said Van Tassel.

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