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If you are a business owner or company looking for a hardworking lawyer who is honest and ethical, then Van Tassel Law is your firm.

Dawn and her team recognize how important selecting the right legal council is for business owners. Oftentimes, owners and executives are so personally invested in their work that they don’t see the myriad options out there. They might think that legal council is prohibitively expensive. They might not know their rights.

Van Tassel Law is a small, specialized boutique firm that works with businesses to advocate for the best possible outcome in disputes. The firm’s size means that it is nimble enough to be in close communication with clients, yet with enough resources to be able to robustly defend their interests. The firm’s size also means that clients won’t be saddled with a prohibitively expensive fees. In fact, Dawn offers a free initial consultation.

Give Van Tassel Law a call and see if we are right for you. Dawn focuses on hard work and ethical results. She’s a legal Sherpa, doing all the heavy lifting until you’ve reached your destination.

Should we determine during our initial consultation that your interests would best be served with another attorney, Dawn will refer you to one of her trusted sources.


If you are looking for timely, business-focused legal advice without the sticker shock, send us an email or give us a call.