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Non-Compete Agreements Lawyer - Minneapolis

Whether you are trying to enforce a non-compete agreement to prevent a former employee from unlawfully competing, or whether you are an employer who wants to hire talent who may have an overly broad agreement drafted by his or her previous employer, Dawn can assist.  She has successfully obtained injunctions from courts all over the country preventing employees from breaching their restrictive employment covenants.  She negotiates and drafts non-compete agreements to ensure their maximum enforceability.  Dawn also provides pre-hire consulting to help clients gauge the risk of being sued for alleged violations of a non-compete agreement or other restrictive covenants.

Dawn works to protect the integrity of your business. Whether the non-compete document protects your trade secrets, the goodwill and special relationships that your company has cultivated, or specialized training that you've provided, Dawn will work to ensure receive the protection you deserve under the law.